Her favorite food is burritos.
Her favorite beverage is coffee. She drinks it 24/7.
She likes Bourbon. Her favorite is Blanton’s. Something she shares with Jay Hayden and Danielle Savre.
She loves cheesecake.
Danielle Savre and her watch award shows together.
She enjoys shows like “Game Of Thrones” and “Outlander”.
She watches a lot of TV esp loves reality TV shows to decompress and relax like “The Real Housewives” and “Love & Hip Hop”.
Her favorite color is coraly/orangey red.
Her best friend is her boyfriend Austin Durant.
She loves cold weather.
She prefers the east coast.
She loves high-waisted jeans and coats.
Top 3 things that she needs in her dressing room: a plant, make up remover (coconut oil) and a place to sleep.
She is a huge fan of Audra McDonald who is a great inspiration to her.
She has 11 tattoos. One on her right foot, one on her right upper arm, one on the left side of her chest, one on her ribs, two tiny ones on each hip and one on her lower stomach.
She prefers salty stuff like chips to sweets.
She studied ASL in college but isn’t fluent and hasn’t practised since.
She played soccer and basketball in school and swam.
She is a certified scuba diver.
Her favorite audition song is All For You.