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(2015) The Pioneers

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Role: Lily
Rating: Mature
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Running Time: 7 min
Created by: Adelind Horan, Ted Day, Benjamin Wright Smith
Episode Title: 1.07 Seal The Deal!
Directed by: Benjamin Wright Smith, Ted Day
Written by: Benjamin Wright Smith, Ted Day
Air Date: August 5, 2015 (USA)
The Pioneers" is a comedy series about a couple who open up their relationship before they tie the knot, but as they plan the wedding and try to get lucky, they find themselves involved with increasingly bizarre people and situations.

Greg (Branson Reese) serendipitously meets a young lady, Lily (Barrett Doss), at a coffee shop who shares his taste in Sci-fi. Greg knows that this one is special, so he immediately sets his "Seal the Deal" timer. The fact that they get along so well should bode well for Greg, but will he really be able to seal the deal in 12 hours or less?


Barrett plays Lily, a Sci-Fi nerd that meets Greg and they hit it off right away. She is very religious so she can't have sex before getting married, so they decide to get married only to have Greg divorce her at the end because his time runs out.

Quotes from this episode

Lily: You know when I'm sad I like to make chunky cookies and eat them with ice cream and a sweet sauce
Greg: I'd love to do that with you.
Lily: Greg, this is gonna sound silly but I've never gotten so close to anyone so quickly before.
Greg: Neither have I. I've been having so much fun I even enjoyed throwing up.
Lily: No, I can't.
Greg: What? Why?
Lily: It's my religion.
Greg: What? That's very funny. No, let's f.
Lily: It's not a joke, Greg. I can't F before marriage.
Greg: Woah. Well. let's get married.
Lily: Really?
Greg: Yeah, first thing tomorrow.
Lily: I love you, Greg.
Greg: I love you too, Lily.
Greg: Stop, stop.
Lily: What's better can you DVR that seal estate agents?
Greg: No, I want a divorce.
Lily: Again?
Greg: Again?

Photos from this episode