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(2017) Iron Fist

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Role: Megan
Rating: TV-MA
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: March 17, 2017 (USA)
Network: Netflix
Running Time: 55 min
Production Location: New York
Production Company: Marvel Television, Devilina Productions, ABC Studios, Netflix, Walt Disney Television
Created by: Scott Buck
Produced by: Scott Buck, Jeph Loeb, John Dahl, Cindy Holland, Allie Goss, Alison Engel, Kris Henigman, Alan Fine, Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Jim Chory
When Danny Rand was 10-years old, he survived a mysterious plane crash that claimed the lives of his extremely wealthy parents. Rescued by warrior monks, Danny grew up in the of city of K'un-Lun, where he endured harsh conditions, but also trained to be a fierce warrior. Years later, Danny returns home to New York, where he wants to reconnect with his past and take his rightful place at his family's company, which is being run by his father's former business partner. Danny hopes to restore his family legacy by defeating the people who threaten it.


Barrett plays Megan, Ward and Joy Meachum's personal assistant at Rand Enterprises. Later on, she is assigned to be Danny Rand aka the Iron Fist's assistant, after he becomes co-CEO of the company. When Danny first meets his new assistant, he asks if she is supposed to be his "apprentice," to which she firmly replies, "No, I'm here to help with scheduling, phone calls, and day-to-day stuff around the office."

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Episode Guide

1.01 Snow Gives Way
After being presumed dead for 15 years, when his family were the victims of a plane crash in the Himalayas, Danny Rand returns to New York City and goes to Rand Enterprises to meet with Harold Meachum, the partner of Danny's now dead father Wendell. Danny is turned away by security, but uses martial arts to fight his way to Harold's children Ward and Joy. The Meachums reveal that Harold has been dead for years, and do not believe that Danny is who he says he is. Danny is also turned down by Colleen Wing, who he wishes to work for at her newly opened dojo. The Meachums believe that "Danny's" appearance is a ploy by their rivals to create a leadership struggle ahead of their planned expansion to China, and Ward hires mercenaries to attack Danny. Wing witnesses him overpower them. Ward meets with Harold, who had faked his death and considers the possibility that Danny survived the plane crash. Danny attempts to tell Joy about Ward's actions, but she drugs him and has him institutionalized.

1.02 Shadow Hawk Takes Flight
Danny is assigned to psychiatrist Paul Edmonds, to whom Danny reiterates his true identity. Harold watches Danny through the hospital's surveillance system, and sends Ward to offer Wing money in exchange for her testimony against Danny; she refuses after talking to Danny in the hospital. Harold secretly visits Danny and learns that Danny has become the Iron Fist and sworn enemy of the Hand. Danny is able to convince Joy of his identity, but Ward is not convinced. Danny explains to Edmonds that following the plane crash, he was saved by two monks and taken to K'un-Lun, another dimension that is connected to the Earth periodically. It was there that he trained in martial arts and gained the power of the Iron Fist. Edmonds is not convinced, and diagnoses Danny as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Harold asks Ward to move Danny to a safe place where he can be useful, but Ward instead orders his men, disguised as patients at the hospital, to kill Danny. The latter uses the power of the Iron Fist to overpower them and escape.

1.04 Eight Diagram Dragon Palm
After falling unconscious, Danny wakes up in the penthouse. Harold explains that the cancer which he "died" from was secretly cured by the Hand, who demanded his loyalty in return and allowed him to reveal the truth only to Ward. Harold asks Danny to destroy the Hand in order to free him, and orders Ward to accept Danny's return to the company where his return is announced in a press conference. In a board meeting, Danny uses his position as the majority shareholder to enforce his decision to cheaply sell a newly developed drug in order to save more lives. At his apartment, Joy is attacked and wounded by Triad operatives, whom Danny overpowers. He takes her to Wing's dojo before confronting the Triad leader, Yang Hai-Qing, who holds a grudge against Joy for taking the pier. However, he stands down when Danny reveals the involvement of the Hand. As a reward for securing the pier, the Hand allows Harold to remotely observe Joy. He sees that she has been wounded, and kills the Triad member responsible.

1.05 Under Leaf Pluck Lotus
A new synthetic heroin appears in New York, which Danny connects to the Hand. After a chemical factory owned by Rand Enterprises is linked to cancer, Danny personally apologizes to an aggrieved citizen and is recorded by a lawyer who distributes it to the media. In a board meeting that Danny is absent from, Ward convinces the shareholders to stand against the accusations instead of accepting responsibility. However, the anxiety of always being watched by Harold causes Ward to try the new heroin. Danny convinces Wing to help him infiltrate the pier, where they find containers apparently loaded with normal supplies. Inside one he discovers Radovan, the chemist who was forced to create the heroin as the Hand held his daughter hostage. Danny fights off a guard to free Radovan, but the latter is stabbed by the guard. At Wing's dojo, student Claire Temple is able to provide aid as a former nurse with experience working alongside powered heroes. Wing vows to help Danny defeat the Hand, while Gao kills the guard for failing.

1.06 Immortal Emerges from Cave
Joy convinces Ward to throw away the drugs he is using. Danny and Ward start searching Rand warehouses for clues as to the Hand's operation, and find the severed head of Radovan's guard as a message challenging Danny to a combat. Danny sends Ward to deal with a crisis management meeting about the video of his apology while Danny accepts the challenge: Danny will fight to free Radovan's daughter Sabina, and leave his company to the Hand's machinations if he loses. Danny faces Andrei and Grigori Veznikov, the Bride of Nine Spiders, and Scythe, besting them all in turn with the spiritual help of his K'un-Lun mentor Lei Kung; however, Danny refuses to kill Scythe as Lei Kung orders. Gao frees Sabina, reveals that she has been to K'un-Lun and knew Wendell, and easily overpowers Danny telekinetically. Radovan's condition becomes critical, forcing Temple and Wing to take him to a hospital where he is abducted by the Hand. Ward goes into withdrawal at the meeting, and is only stopped from causing further trouble by Joy.

1.07 Felling Tree with Roots
Two Hand operatives interrogate Harold, who fights them off with Danny's help. Harold kills them, and has Ward dump the bodies in a river. Danny begins to develop a romantic relationship with Wing, and starts investigating his father. Gao arrives at Rand Enterprises, advising Danny to stay out of her way. Danny sees her discussing business with a Rand employee, and later convinces the latter to leave the city and give him her password. Danny and Wing persuade Yang to help them fight the Hand, while Joy convinces Ward to take a break from the company. In a board meeting, Danny announces his decision to close the Staten Island plant while keeping the workers on payroll; the board decides to oust Danny, Ward, and Joy. Danny, Wing, and Yang's operatives attack a Hand facility and find a dying Radovan. He reveals that Gao has gone to Anzhou, China, which is where the Rands was going when their plane crashed. Harold discovers Ward's plan to leave and takes his money; Ward confronts his father, and kills him, dumping his body in the river.

1.13 Dragon Plays with Fire
Harold takes control of Rand Enterprises. Rand and Wing go to the academy, now abandoned by the Hand, where Gao reveals that Harold masterminded the plane crash that killed Danny's parents. Ward tells Joy about Harold's actions, and she confronts him about it. Harold denies framing Danny, and Joy decides to leave. Ward allies with Danny, Wing, and Temple to help defeat Harold. He goes to Rand Enterprises, where he is wounded by Harold, but is able to find evidence of Danny's innocence. Temple creates a distraction so that Danny and Wing can infiltrate the building, and the pair is able to fight off Harold's operatives. Danny follows Harold to the rooftop, where they fight. Ward arrives and shoots Harold, who falls from the building to his death. Ward has the body cremated to ensure he does not return. Joy meets with Davos, who tells her that Danny must be killed. This is overheard by Gao. Danny convinces Wing to accompany him to K'un-Lun, but they arrive at the gate to find it shut off from the Earth, and surrounded by dead Hand operatives.