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1.04 Reignited

Episode Title: Reignited
Directed by: Dennis Smith
Written by: Ilene Rosenzweig
Air Date: April 5, 2018 (USA)
Rating/Share (18-49): 1.0/4
Viewers: 5.09 million
Total: 1.8/7.72 million

"Reignited" – As if being co-captains weren’t hard enough, Andy and Jack find themselves in disagreement over spending decisions at the station. Meanwhile, the firefighters respond to a structure fire at a brand-new bed-and-breakfast; and Ryan calls Maya when he finds her brother in some trouble, on "Station 19," THURSDAY, APRIL 5 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

"Station 19" stars Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera, Jason George as Ben Warren, Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera, Grey Damon as Jack Gibson, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, and Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes.

Guest starring in "Reignited" are Marla Gibbs as Edith and Sterling Sulieman as Grant.

"Reignited" was written by Ilene Rosenzweig and directed by Dennis Smith.
Andy's Voiceover
"It doesn't actually take that much to start a fire. You need three things: heat, oxygen, and fuel. Lots of fuel. And after that fire started once, it needs even less to catch fire again. Most people don't realize that fire can reignite itself. All it takes is a fuel source. The tiny, tiniest flame and poof, the whole world can explode in your face. All it takes is a single spark to restart a fire. Sadly, reignition usually starts at the most inconvenient moments. It catches. It takes hold. And if we aren't careful, it'll burn everything in its path. Because the fire has been here before. The fire knows what it's doing. The fire knows its way, where to go, how to move. It's already taking the path of least resistance. The fire is hotter this time. Bigger. Stronger. More powerful. And so much more dangerous."

Vic in this episode

Vic is annoyed with Andy and Jack bickering the entire time and wants Maya to talk to Andy to make it stop but Maya refuses to get involved. Later while they are grocery shopping, Vic notices that Andy is relaxed again and wonders if it's Jack's doing. Andy doesn't answer and walks away. At the station, Ben finds Vic trying out the VR fire simulation goggles by herself and is a bit upset about it because earlier she refused to do extra drills with him. Vic gets startled during the simulation and takes off the goggles gasping for air and sweating like crazy. Ben tries to help her but she refuses and he leaves. Later on when they are called back to the B&B they had been to before, Vic and Ben are appointed to search and rescue. They can't find the victim upstairs so they look downstairs. When Vic tries go through a door to look for the victim, a fire erupts right in front of her and she panics. Ben notices and gets her out of the house. When Ben approaches her later on in the locker room and offers to help her work through her issues since the blue fire she tells him off, insisting that she doesn't have a problem and that he should mind his own business and then walks away.

Quotes from this episode

Dean: You think we won't get the new boots now?
Vic: No, new boots are not worth this. They've been bickering all week. Bishop, you speak "Herrera". Go make it stop.
Maya: Well, she is tired of me interfering. She told me to back off. You were there. I'm backing.
Vic: Oh, no, don't back. Don't back. Backing is bad.
Travis: No, I'm not getting in the middle of that.
Dean: Nah, I'm good. Mnh-mnh.
Vic: Okay. [chuckles] Okay, what happened? You were not this earlier. This morning, you were all [growl] and [whines]. And now... Was it Jack? Did he do this to you?
Andy: [scoffs] What? No.
Vic: Oh. Did he mess up the captain race? [gasps] Oh, did he piss Frankel off? Come on. I want to hear all about it. Deets. Go.
Ben: All right, if you need some help, I know some tricks to bring that BP down.
Vic: No, I'm not your patient, Warren! You're my rookie. I don't need your help.
Ben: You know, um, when someone experiences something like, you know, Blue Fire, I'm sure it's not unusual for it to rattle you.
Vic: Excuse me?
Ben: I'm just saying, you know, the way the VR got to you, y-your reaction at the fire today -- I'm sure you can work through it, but if I can help in any way, I would --
Vic: Oh, you have no idea what you're talking about. I do not have some fear of fire. Don't be ridiculous. You know, that is -- that is not the kind of thing a person works through. That's the kind of problem that turns a firefighter into a postal worker. So let's be clear. It is not a problem I have.
Ben: Okay.
Vic: You know, I was -- I was the rookie like five minutes ago. I'm still building my reputation, and there is no coming back from something like that, not in the eyes of the team.
Ben: I didn't mean --
Vic: And unlike you, I do not have a medical degree to fall back on. So I do not have a problem. Understood?

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Music in this episode

I Can't Lose - Rayelle
Deborah lights a pilot light for her stove; Andy and Jack get into a fight; Andy and Jack kiss.

Better Than You - Billy and the Firm
Andy and Jack fake an argument to cover up their make out session in the Captain's office.

Smoking Gun - Valen
Maya arrives at the precinct and meets Ryan, who takes her to see her brother; Maya returns to the firehouse and tries to talk to Andy, but finds Jack's shirt on the floor.

All of the Love in the World - Lily Kershaw
Deborah's sister pleads for her sister to be okay as the medics work on her; Andy compliments Maya on her work, but Maya walks off.

Wildfire - Natalie Taylor
Travis tells Grant about Edith's symptoms; Maya returns to the precinct to see her brother; Andy and Jack talk about their relationship; Pruitt interrupts.