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1.08 Every Second Counts

Episode Title: Every Second Counts
Directed by: Marisol Adler
Written by: Tia Napolitano
Air Date: May 3, 2018 (USA)
Rating/Share (18-49): 1.0/4
Viewers: 5.14 million
Total: 1.7/7.40 million

"Every Second Counts" – Ripley interviews each member of the Station 19 crew to determine whether Andy or Jack should be given the role of captain. Meanwhile, a mom’s day out on a party bus takes a turn for the worst; and Captain Pruitt continues his treatment, on "Station 19," THURSDAY, MAY 3 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

"Station 19" stars Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera, Jason George as Ben Warren, Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera, Grey Damon as Jack Gibson, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, and Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes.

Guest starring in "Every Second Counts" are Brett Tucker as Fire Chief Ripley and Brenda Song as JJ.

"Every Second Counts" was written by Tia Napolitano and directed by Marisol Adler.
Andy's Voiceover
"Have you ever thought about how many things in our lives are all about timing? Strike a match, a gust of wind, a floating ember. Timing decides if that ember burns out or if it turns into a full-fledged forest fire. Timing dictates so much about your family, your job, your friends. So often, it's all determined by being in the right place at the right time. Or at the wrong time. What if today never happened? What if you showed up late or called in sick or didn't say the thing you needed to say to the person you needed to say it to? What if your timing was off? Would it change things? A little? A lot? Could a matter of minutes, or seconds, change your life forever?"

Vic in this episode

At breakfast, Vic wants to know how Travis date with Grant went but he tells her that he didn't go. Vic is disappointed. She was waiting all weekend to hear about it and even journaled about it. Andy and Jack take the opportunity to thank their team for their support in the upcoming peer review. Vic hates that they have to pick a side. They get called to an accident. Vic and Jack are on aid car duty and help the victim, Peter. On their way back to the station, they come across a major accident and stop to help. Jack stays with Peter while Vic helps Andy and the others with the victims. When she talks to Chief Ripley later on, she disagrees with him about Jack and Andy acting like little kids during the call. She thinks that it's his fault. They were stranded at the scene and it took Station 23 eight minutes to get to them. She tells him that since he can't get all the stations up to speed the least he can do is keep it between Andy and Jack and just pick one of them. Vic realizes that she may have come onto strong with the chief and tries to dial it back but he tells her she can go and that he doesn't need her review. Later when the entire team is sitting at the kitchen table, Vic confesses that she yelled at Ripley but still hopes he heard her at the end when she told him to keep it in the family.

Quotes from this episode

Vic: Okay, I wanna hear all about your hotty hot breakfast with Grant, right down to the maple-glazed whatever he served you because you cannot serve a satisfying breakfast without maple glaze.
Dean: Oh.
Travis: No breakfast. No maple glaze. I didn't go yet.
Vic: What? No! I was waiting all weekend to hear how it went. I journaled about it.
Ben: Because that's not weird at all.
Vic: Okay, that's not cool, Montgomery. I can't believe you'd do that to me.
Travis: To you?
Vic: Picking sides feels wrong.
Peter: Do you think I'll make it home in time for "American Bakeoff"? It's kind of our thing.
Vic: I love that show! The whole station's rooting for Tommy to win.
Peter: Ooh, Tommy.
Vic: Yeah.
Peter: Sandra and I are rooting for the other guy.
Vic: Oh.
Ripley: I have to be honest with you, Hughes. Now that I've seen today's incident report, it's gonna take some convincing for me to give either one of these kids the keys to the castle.
Vic: Jack and Andy aren't kids.
Ripley: They sure acted like it out there today, though, didn't they? Breaking protocol all over the place.
Vic: I disagree. I'm sorry. Is this a peer review or an incident debriefing? Because you seem to be focusing on that one call, when --
Ripley: A call as divisive as this one is an opportunity, a lens to examine these two candidates.
Vic: It was just one call.
Ripley: And not a very clean one.
Vic: Whose fault is that?
Ripley: Well, you were out there. Why don't you tell me?
Vic: Yours. It was your fault.
Vic: You're the fire chief in charge of the entire department. We're all your babies. That's the gig, right?
Ripley: Yes.
Vic: Okay, well, it took Station 23 eight minutes to get to us, when every second counted. Even PD beat Station 23 to the scene. Eight minutes stuck on the side of the road, when we should have been en route to the hospital. You know what that feels like? To know that every second of that eight minutes could've cost us a life? Do you know what Station 19's response time is?
Ripley: I believe you're at... five minutes?
Vic: Yeah, on a bad day. Three minutes is our fastest. Station 19 sets the bar for response times. So if you can't get the rest of the department up to speed, the least you can do is not give some subpar outsider the keys to our castle. So flip a coin if you have to. But it has to be one of them -- Jack or Andy. Pick one and be done with it.
Vic: That, um... That may have come out w-wrong.
Ripley: You just yelled at me.
Vic: True. So, um... Let me dial that back and speak instead about the many specific ways in which Jack and Andy have both proven themselves consistently to be --
Ripley: You can go.
Vic: I haven't given you my actual peer review.
Ripley: I don't want it.
Vic: Y-You don't want it?
Ripley: You are correct. I'm the chief of this Fire Department. I'm your bosses' boss' boss. And the way you have spoken to me, the insubordination with which you have approached this entire interview -- it tells me everything I need to know about how Herrera and Gibson have captained you. So, yes... you and I are done.
Vic: I... may have just yelled at Ripley. And by "may," I mean it definitely happened.
Vic: He makes me miss Frankel.
Vic: I just hope he heard me at the end. I said it has to be one of you two. Gotta keep it in the family.

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Music in this episode

Good Life - Kari Kimmel
A group of women gather on a party bus; Andy and Ryan are in bed before they go to work.

See You Again (feat. Ramon) - Wild Culture
Andy desperately tries to revive Carla; Dean runs to help Jack; Mary rants to Travis; Travis tells Ripley how he blames an inexperienced captain for his husband's death; Station 23 finally arrives.

Fire with Fire - Shirazee
Montage as crew arrives back to the dining area after speaking with Ripley about Andy and Jack; Pruitt tells Ripley he doesn't recommend either Andy or Jack.