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2.09 I Fought the Law

Episode Title: I Fought the Law
Directed by: Sydney Freeland
Written by: Barbara Kaye Friend
Air Date: March 14, 2019 (USA)
Rating/Share (18-49): 0.8/4
Viewers: 5.02 million
Total: 1.4/7.30 million

"I Fought the Law" – When Andy, Maya and Dean respond to a call, they find an injured woman with amnesia; but soon into the treatment process, they realize there is much more to her story. Meanwhile, Captain Sullivan takes Ben and Jack on a house call that quickly becomes a close call for the patient they’re treating, while Ryan may not have seen the last of his father, Greg on ABC's "Station 19," THURSDAY, MARCH 14 (9:01–10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

"Station 19" stars Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera, Jason George as Ben Warren, Boris Kodjoe as Captain Sullivan, Grey Damon as Jack Gibson, Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes, Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop and Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera.

Guest starring in "I Fought the Law" are Brett Tucker as Fire Chief Lucas Ripley, Barry Shabaka Henley as Oscar Delgado, Jackie Chung as Margaret Chen and Dermot Mulroney as Greg Tanner.

"I Fought the Law" was written by Barbara Kaye Friend and directed by Sydney Freeland.
Andy's Voiceover
"Before you run into a fire, you have to try to understand its identity. What caused it? Where did it start? How do we put it out? Otherwise, you'll find yourself ill-prepared... and totally exposed. So we observe, identify, extinguish, done. If only it were ever really that easy. All of us struggle with our identity. Maybe we date someone we shouldn't. Maybe we're related to someone we wish we weren't. Maybe we need rules. Maybe we shun them. Maybe we need to shake off who we always thought we were and try on something new. Maybe we should loosen up. Maybe we should take a leap. Because when we do, maybe... we just might surprise ourselves."

Vic in this episode

Vic wakes up to a steaming cup of coffee on her nightstand and a very wet Lucas Ripley coming out of her bathroom. They are playful and have fun when he drops his towel and joins her in bed. They make out when his phone vibrates and Vic is curious who Jennifer is. Ripley tells her that it's his sister and that she says "Hi". Vic is surprised to find out that he told her about them. Ripley says that he talks to his sister about all the important things in his life. Vic wonders if she should tell all her friends about them and he tells her she can if she wants to before leaving for work. Later at the station, she tries talking to Travis but he is busy explaining his new hobby and doesn't listen to her because she mocks him about it. So she tries talking to Jack about what it means that Ripley told his sister but he is no help either. She finds Travis again later and starts cycling with him and tells him about the guy she is seeing without giving him a name but then Ripley comes in and Vic gets all flustered and rambles nonsense then her feet slip of the pedals and Ripley goes to hit the emergency break and touches her and Travis puts two and two together and figures out that Vic and Ripley are dating. Later on, Travis finds Vic watching Ripley work and they have a heart to heart about Travis' dead husband Michael and her relationship with Ripley. Vic admits to liking him quite a bit and Travis finds out that Jack knows too. At the end of the shift when they are sending off Captain Herrera, Vic tells Ripley that she told her best friend about them and he jokes about Pruitt knowing and then says that he knows that she knows better than to tell anyone in the department leaving behind a flabbergasted Vic.

Quotes from this episode

Vic: Hm. Hot. I meant the coffee
Ripley: Oh, really?
Vic: Mm-hmm.
Ripley: Oh, yeah?
Vic: Stop. Don't. D-D-Don't come any closer until you towel off.
Ripley: Oh, y-you want the towel off? All right.
Vic: What are you doing?! You're terrible! You -- You're all wet.
Ripley: Warm me up.
Vic: Mm.
Ripley: Sorry.
Vic: Who is Jennifer?
Ripley: My sister. Oh, she says, "hi" by the way.
Vic: You told your sister about me?
Ripley: Of course.
Vic: I didn't think we were telling people. I definitely didn't think we were "of course" telling people. I thought we were trying to keep a low profile.
Ripley: Ah, she doesn't care about any of that. And she's my sister. I talk to her about all the important parts of my life.
Vic: So I guess I should just... tell all of my friends about us, then?
Ripley: If you want to. Now it's work. Sorry.
Vic: This is the reporter from the Mayor's office? Maybe they'll give her the key to the city.
Travis: Ah, got my workout in.
Vic: Wow.
Travis: Took my bike.
Vic: I can see that.
Travis: Cycling takes a lot more than physical prowess, you know? It's a whole mind-body sport.
Vic: Oh, yeah. More than golf lessons or the Pilates or every other hobby you've picked up since you broke up with Grant?
Travis: I haven't found my perfect cadence yet. The guy at my neighborhood LBS -- local bike shop...
Vic: Okay.
Travis: ...says that it can take months, and, uh --
Vic: Great, great. I actually h-- I have something I need to talk to you about.
Travis: Maintenance is a must. If your saddle's not properly aligned, then that can lead to a lot of chaffing. Align it, or else you --
Vic: No, you know what? Bye-bye, bike. No more bike. Just me now. Please.
Travis: You know, maybe instead of making fun, you could show a little support.
Vic: I am! I am. I was. It's just -- It's so many hobbies requiring, you know, so -- so much support. And I'm telling you, Trav, I mean it. I need to talk to you about something.
Travis: Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you belittled my bicycle.
Jack: Really? captain sent you over, too?
Vic: No, I sent me over. To chat. Because I have something to chat about. With you. My friend. So, you know my, um, "Mr. Hypothetical"? Well, things have progressed, and, uh... he told his sister about me.
Jack: Cool.
Vic: Is it cool, though, ir is it too much, too soon?
Jack: So, not cool, then?
Vic: No, you tell me. Which is it? Is it cool or not cool or...what?
Jack: Depends, I guess.
Vic: Okay, you know what. Thank you, Gibson. Thanks.
Jack: It was nothing.
Vic: Yeah, you're right about that.
Travis: What are y-- What are you doing?
Vic: I tried talking to not you and that, literally, could not have gone worse. So, now, I'm here supporting your biking --
Travis: Cycling.
Vic: Supporting your biking because I need to talk to you. Specifically -- Specifically you about my thing. Oh, my God, how do you do this for fun?
Travis: It's easier once you find your c-spot.
Vic: No, I'm not even gonna touch that. I am seeing someone.
Travis: Oh?
Vic: Yes. And it's complicated. And if I tell you more, that means it means something, and I don't know if I'm ready for it to mean anything yet. But -- And it means something to him, apparently, so I wanted to talk to you about whether or not I should talk to you about it. I'm just --
Ripley: Hey. Either of you seen Captain Herrera?
Vic: No. No, not -- No, what? No, I've never -- I've never seen Captain Herrera before.
Ripley: I was hoping to meet up with Bishop, but she got called away. I had no idea you were into cycling.
Vic: N-- No.
Ripley: Oh, oh, oh, hey. You good?
Vic: Yeah. You know, uh, maybe check the Beanery for Captain Herrera.
Ripley: Yeah. Will do. Thanks.
Travis: You're dating the Chief?!
Travis: This thing starting yet?
Vic: Soon, I think.
Travis: My hobbies aren't distractions...exactly. Cycling, all of it, it's just... I don't know. I realized after the breakup, all I really have is this job and... Michael.
Vic: Michael?
Travis: Yeah, I think I'm still really hung up on my dead husband.
Vic: Well, I haven't lost a husband, so I can't exactly speak to that, but... from what you've told me, of course you're still hung up. Michael sounds amazing. Don't be too hard on yourself. Seems like the kind of thing that's just gonna take the time it's gonna take, right?
Travis: So, this... new hobby of yours.
Vic: Uh -- Uh --
Travis: You seem pretty into it.
Vic: I'm definitely getting there.
Travis: As much as I'm into cycling?
Vic: Oh, am I into my new hobby enough to wear a spandex bodysuit and helmet in public for it? Sadly...yes, I think I am.
Travis: Okay, can we talk about how hot your hobby is, by the way?
Vic: Oh, God, thank you! Thank you! Thank you. God, somebody who gets it. Gibson gives me none of this.
Travis: Jack knew before me?! Come on!
Vic: Told my best friend about us today.
Ripley: Pruitt knows?
Vic: What? Oh, funny. You're funny.
Ripley: No, I know you know better than to actually tell anyone in the department. I think I'll have a go. It's been a while.

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Music in this episode

Carry Me - Katie Garfield
Margaret gets to see her son. Ryan escorts her out and into the police car before looking at Andy.

Just Watch - Anna Mae
Everyone goes down the fire pole in honor of Pruitt’s last day; Ryan opens his father’s storage unit; Andy and Sullivan talk on the catwalk.