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2.15 Always Ready

Episode Title: Always Ready
Directed by: Nicole Rubio
Written by: Tia Napolitano
Air Date: May 2, 2019 (USA)
Rating/Share (18-49): 1.2/5
Viewers: 6.39 million
Total: 2.1/9.09 million

"Always Ready" – Following a deadly blaze inside a coffee beanery, the members of Station 19 find themselves on high alert as a beloved member of their team lands at Grey Sloan, leaving the future uncertain in the face of a life-threatening situation, on ABC's "Station 19," THURSDAY, MAY 2 (9:01-10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

"Station 19" stars Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera, Jason George as Ben Warren, Boris Kodjoe as Captain Sullivan, Grey Damon as Jack Gibson, Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes, Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop and Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera.

Guest starring in "Always Ready" are Brett Tucker as Fire Chief Lucas Ripley, Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce, Bre Blair as Jennifer Ripley and Greta Jung as Gwen.

"Always Ready" was written by Tia Napolitano and directed by Nicole Rubio.
Andy's Voiceover
"There's this firefighter motto, a Latin phrase: Semper paratus. It means: Always ready. We're always ready for any fire, any rescue, any complication. But being ready for anything the world throws at you, that's a very big ask. Semper paratus. Always ready. What it really means, is that we're always ready to lose a member of our family. But when it's time to face that emptiness, when you realize you'll never see that face again, touch that skin, feel that warmth, listen to that heartbeat, the question is: are we ever really ready?"

Vic in this episode

Ripley left the hospital against his doctors advice and is looking for Vic to accept her proposal and explain what happened. She is still at the coffee factory doing overhaul with the rest of her team. Travis wants to talk to her about what happened but she tells him that there is nothing to talk about. There is a flashback of Dean's birthday where Vic and Ripley are cleaning up and talking. Ripley wants to know what "Spice" was all about and what Vic is thinking. She tells him that she wants to get a drink after shift and likes to have company for that. The bar is closed and Vic mentions that her apartment is just around the corner. They flirt and end up in her apartment together. After the flashback, Vic talks to Travis and Jack about the proposal and Ripley not showing up and thinking that it means it's over between them. They get another call and Vic is eager to take it. They arrive and Vic climbs up a tower to help Gwen who is stuck there and could fall at any moment. Andy, Ben and Sullivan arrive to tell Vic what is going on with Ripley. Travis ends up telling her. Gwen tells Vic to go but Vic doesn't want to leave her. Vic talks about Ripley and how he had a nickname for her. Another flashback is shown when Vic and Ripley were at their diner. Ripley teases her about not knowing the name of the dish and calls her "Eggy" while she calls him "Hubby" because the manager assumes they are married. They never correct him. They talk about family and Ripley mentions his ex-wives and tells her that marriage #3 will be with the one. Vic ends up rescuing Gwen and then rushes to the hospital. In the aid car, she worries that her last words to him were "Okie dokie". When she finally gets to the hospital, she runs into Jennifer, Ripley's sister. They hug and Vic blames herself. Another flashback of Jennifer and Vic's first meeting in the diner happens. Vic and Jennifer seem to like each other and Ripley is happy about it. The flashback ends and Jennifer doesn't understand why Vic didn't answer the phone when Ripley was calling. Dr. Pierce appears with updates but Jennifer wants to do it alone and shuts out Vic. Vic is upset that she doesn't know what's going on with her love and blames herself. Travis tells her that she shouldn't blame herself. Ripley's condition worsens and Vic is numb. Andy leads her to a closet to let it all out and Vic just screams, cries and breaks things while inside. After Dr. Pierce explains to Jennifer that Ripley wants to marry Vic, Jennifer lets Vic in. The doctor gives them the news that there is nothing she can do and Vic realizes that Ripley is going to die. After saying goodbye to her brother, Jennifer urges Vic to go but she can't and lets Sullivan go first. Then it's her turn. He wants to see her but she can't move. Travis helps her and leads her to his room. They share one last moment together. Ripley explains that he was on his way and they joke about everyone knowing about them and how they can finally go on vacation together. Ripley gives Vic an answer to her proposal, saying "Yes". They share some more words and one final kiss before he takes his last breath with the love of his life holding him. Next shift, Sullivan talks to Vic and Jennifer about the funeral. Vic tells him that Ripley should have it all and then walks out. She climbs the firetruck and lies down there. Her entire team comes up to give her comfort. One last flashback is shown as Vic remembers the first time her and Ripley said "I love you" to each other the night when he was taking care of her when she was sick.

Quotes from this episode

Vic: Talk. Please, say something. You've been eating cake very quietly. Now you're cleaning up cake very quietly, and I can't be doing all the talking, so... Your turn.
Ripley: For, uh... For Spice?
Vic: [ laughs ] Okay. Okay, are you making fun of me?
Ripley: Nope. Not at all. I'm just, uh -- just wondering what that was about before, and, uh... what you're thinking about now.
Vic: I'm thinking about lots of things, like a whole brain full of things I shouldn't be thinking right now. I'm a fountain of bad ideas.
Ripley: Like what?
Vic: I was... thinking about getting a drink after shift. I like company when I drink. You could be company. Like I said, bad idea.
Ripley: I mean, if you invited me, it would be, uh -- it'd be rude not to join. For just a drink.
Vic: Right. Just a drink.
Vic: I can't believe Dutton's is closed.
Ripley: A bar, closed at 8:30 a. m. I mean, don't they realize we've been on call for 24 hours?
Vic: Yeah, they have the best stale breakfast popcorn.
Ripley: Would you settle for a stale breakfast bagel? I know a place.
Vic: My place is right around the corner. I mean, I just -- I didn't mean to imply, I was just -- I mean, it's so close, you know?
Ripley: Yeah, of course.
Vic: Not that it's weird for someone to see us together out here, off-duty.
Ripley: Why -- Why would it be weird?
Vic: No, it's not. It's not like we're doing anything wrong.
Ripley: Just a little conversation.
Vic: Exactly. So, um... But, you know, I don't know, if we did want to... sit or anything, conversation could also happen there. At my place.
Ripley: Conversation could happen there.
Vic: Unless you think it's... a it's a bad idea.
Vic: [ panting ] I was wrong. This is a fantastic idea.
Travis: [ whispering ] I just think talking might help.
Vic: No need to whisper for Gibson's sake. You know he knows.
Jack: Oh, that's okay. I-I don't need to --
Vic: No, actually, fine. I asked Ripley to marry me and he stood me up, so now I'm pretty sure we're done, and I'm feeling really good right now, so... Cool? We all up to speed?
Jack: Sure.
Vic: Goodie.
Vic: Alright? Hey, what's that in your hand?
Gwen: It's My daughter -- she's 6, and she loves cars. This one's her favorite. It's super-charged. Tiny, but strong.
Vic: So you have a daughter?
Gwen: She slipped it in my pocket this morning. For luck.
Vic: Tiny but strong. I like that.
Gwen: Didn't work, though. I had a big meeting with my boss. They laid us all off. No warning, nothing. I was driving home, but I'm never home from work this early. I needed some quiet.
Vic: It is quiet up here. The world can feel a little too loud sometimes. We can find a quiet spot for you down there, too. Let's climb down.
Vic: Just in time. Um, may I please have the eggy thing?
Ripley: That dish has a name.
Vic: Cam knows what I mean.
Cam: I do not, uh, but I know what you want because your hubby already ordered for you.
Ripley: I am -- [ chuckles ] Yes, I ordered your usual. Eggy.
Cam: Oh, Eggy. You guys, can I just say, uh, I know I scolded you for the parking lot incident...
Ripley: Uh, you -- you were just doing your job.
Cam: Oh, my God, I'm really glad that you see it that way because you two are, like, relationship goals. And I hope that I'm still getting busy in the parking lot when I get married.
Vic: That's an interesting goal.
Ripley: [ chuckles ]
Cam: Eggies on me today.
Vic: So, that's sticking, huh?
Ripley: Oh, yeah.
Vic: [ laughs ]
Ripley: Eggy.
Vic: Okay, Hubby.
Ripley: He came to that conclusion all on his own.
Vic: He can come to conclusions all day long if it keeps getting us free eggy things. So, in this new fake marriage thing we've got going, - um, do we have pets?
Ripley: Hmm.
Vic: Can we be spies? God, I hope your family likes me.
Ripley: My family's really just my sister, so...
Vic: Jennifer. Right?
Ripley: That's the one. Yeah. And I'll bet she at least likes you better than my first two wives.
Vic: Wives. As in plural.
Ripley: Yeah. Sorry, I didn't mean to open up this conversation, exactly.
Vic: No, I mean, I, um... You know, I never asked, so... So I guess marriage just isn't such a serious thing for you. [ laughs ]
Ripley: Look, the first time around, I thought I was very serious, but we were really young, and it fizzled fast. The second time, I... I felt good about Eva, but by the end, I'm not even sure that she liked me.
Vic: Ouch.
Ripley: Yeah. Now, marriage number three -- that I would take very seriously. I wouldn't be game unless I knew it was really right.
Vic: My last words to him were "Okie dokie." "Okie dokie" can't be the last words I ever say to him. [ scoffs ]
Travis: Hold on, Vic. What are you doing in here?
Andy: Ripley's sister's pulling the family-only card.
Ben: Because of HIPAA? Now?
Travis: She can't do that.
Vic: She can. And she is. I mean, I'm -- Family only. That's the rule, right? And I'm not family. I'm not his fiancée. I'm nobody! No, you know what? I'm worse than nobody, because if I had just answered my phone, then he wouldn't have left Grey-Sloan, and why would he do that? Why would -- If I had just answered my phone. If I just -- If I just answered my phone and picked up --
Travis: No. Vic! Hey! Vic! You were saving a woman's life. You get to feel zero guilt about that, okay? You should be in there with Ripley right now. You want me to go hunt down Dr. Pierce for you? 'Cause I will.
Jennifer: Vic, come on. I just need some space.
Vic: I want to know what's going on with Lucas.
Jennifer: Even I don't know what's going on. I mean, Dr. Pierce barely said a word before he had a coughing attack or something, and then she ran to go treat him.
Vic: Okay, well, we go find her. We go do something.
Jennifer: Wow. You are just like him. I mean, you both just barrel ahead, no matter what. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that's what landed him in here, right?
Vic: That's -- I mean, that's our job.
Jennifer: When Lucas told me that he started dating someone, I just thought, "Please let it be a lawyer or an architect, an engineer -- someone who just has a nice desk job who entices him to play nice at a desk." But you entice him to risk things. I mean, you spend your weekends jumping out of planes.
Maggie: Excuse me. I'm afraid things have escalated.
Jennifer: Um okay.
Vic: Okay. Okay.
Sullivan: Hughes. He's asking for you.
Maya: The Chief is asking for Vic?
Travis: [ quietly ] Hey. It's time. Okay? Before it's too late.
Vic: I can't. I can't move.
Travis: Hold on to me. I've got you. Just focus on me. You can do it.
Ripley: Easy on the morphine, please.
Maggie: You'll feel more pain without it.
Ripley: I'll be more alert, too. I can -- [ inhales sharply ] I can handle the pain.
Maggie: I'll be outside if you need me.
Ripley: I called.
Vic: I know.
Ripley: I tried to get to the diner.
Vic: I know.
Ripley: The treatments, they didn't --
Vic: I know.
Ripley: So... the secret's out, I guess.
Vic: Mm. [ laughs ] Yeah. I guess we can... We can finally take that vacation, huh?
Ripley: [ chuckles softly, inhales deeply ] Aspen?
Vic: No. Definitely Hawaii. I'm there right now. In a bikini. Lucky you.
Ripley: Lucky me.
Vic: Our toes are in the sand. The sun's warming our skin. Not a care in the world. Oh, wait, actually, I do have a care. I have a big care. Sand has now fully gone the wrong way up my suit. [ alarms blaring ] I'm just -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna turn these -- turn these off. [ beep, blaring stops ]
Ripley: I told you I would be there. I wanted to be there.
Vic: Please don't work yourself up right now, okay?
Ripley: I owe you an answer. It's yes, Victoria. Of course it's yes.
Vic: [ chuckles softly, sobs ] That's a very wise decision, obviously.
Ripley: We can do it right now. Can't... Can't we get a chaplain or somebody in here?
Vic: You know what? I, um... [ voice breaking ] I'd just like to have this moment. With you, right now, okay? Just us.
Ripley: This was supposed to be our beginning. I'm... I messed it all up.
Vic: No.
Ripley: I was bringing you flowers.
Vic: You didn't mess anything up.
Ripley: Hey, you did something new with your hair.
Vic: [ chuckles ] Yeah.
Ripley: You're so beautiful.
Vic: [ breathes shakily ] I was really ready to spend the rest of my life with you...Lucas Ripley.
Ripley: At least... I get to spend the rest of mine... with you.
Sullivan: When a Fire Chief dies, the department spares no expense on the funeral. Vehicle options range from a basic vehicle to a fire engine caisson. Bagpipers are common. The bell service is a special tradition that we some --
Vic: All of it. He'd want all of it. He should have it all. Excuse me.
Ripley: Victoria Hughes... I love you.
Vic: Damn it. I love you, too. Okay, did I just say --
Ripley: Yes. I love you.
Vic: [ chuckles ] Yeah, okay. It's time to stop talking now. It's late.
Ripley: I'm wide awake.
Vic: Just go to sleep.

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Music in this episode

Addicted To You (feat. Anna Mae) - UNSECRET
Flashback of Vic and Ripley sleeping together for the first time.

Ashes - Claire Guerreso
In the hospital, Vic goes to visit Ripley.

Heaven (All Around You) - Apollo LTD
Vic walks out of Ripley’s room; Station 19 family comforts Vic. Flashback to Vic and Ripley saying "I love you" for the first time.