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Episode Title: Eulogy
Directed by: Eric Laneuville
Written by: Anupam Nigam
Air Date: February 6, 2020 (USA)
Rating/Share (18-49): 0.9/6
Viewers: 5.92 million
Total: 1.4/7.87 million

"Eulogy" – While Pruitt grieves a monumental loss, Andy refuses to do the same and, instead, throws herself into work. Meanwhile, the crew responds to a widespread carbon monoxide leak, and Sullivan makes a controversial choice for captain, on an all-new episode of “Station 19,” airing THURSDAY, FEB. 6 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on, the ABC app and Hulu.

“Station 19” stars Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera, Jason George as Ben Warren, Boris Kodjoe as Captain Robert Sullivan, Grey Damon as Jack Gibson, Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop and Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera.

Guest starring in "Eulogy" are Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner, Pat Healy as Chief Michael Dixon, Rigo Sanchez as Rigo Vasquez, Greg Germann as Tom Koracick, Alex Landi as Nico Kim, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery, Kelly Thiebaud as Eva, Chelsea Kurtz as Shauna, Jeff Davis as Martin and Emily Chang as Penelope.

“Eulogy” was written by Anupam Nigam and directed by Eric Laneuville.

Vic in this episode

Vic attends Ryan's funeral which brings up memories of Ripley as she later admits. The next day at the station, Vic is desperate to get Dean to come with her to a dinner party at Jackson's parents house and reveals to him that Maggie will be there to. She is trying to set him up with her new boyfriends ex-girlfriend and explains the weird situation to Dean. Dean refuses to go because he doesn't to be at a party where doctors will look down at him for being a firefighter. Later, Vic is sitting in the day room when Jackson drops of her dress for the dinner party. Vic shows her insecurity over Maggie and his mother and mentions that the funeral brought up feelings of Ripley. Jackson reassures her and they share a moment with each other. Later she finds Dean again who tells her that he is coming to the party with her. Vic is happy and tells him to wear something nice.

Quotes from this episode

Vic: Hey, looking good, man, pumping those guns!
Dean: Whatever favor you need, the answer is no.
Vic: Actually, I'm here to do you a favor. I am setting you up on a date with an amazing woman.
Dean: The last woman you set me up with stole my car... and my identity. I'm still getting weird magazine subscriptions.
Vic: All right, you remember Maggie Pierce, hottie heart surgeon at Grey Sloan?
Dean: She has a boyfriend.
Vic: Had. Her boyfriend is... now kinda my boyfriend.
Dean: Avery was Maggie's boyfriend?
Vic: Whatever. It's weird. We're moving through it.
Vic: Come to this party with me.
Dean: At the hospital?
Vic: No, but there will be a lot of doctors there. It's at their house.
Dean: Whose house?
Vic: Jackson and Maggie's parents' house.
Dean: Their parents...?
Vic: ­Are married to each other.
Dean: Jackson and Maggie have the same parents?
Vic: No. Okay, Jackson's mom is married to Maggie's biological father, who she didn't know until pretty recently. But whatever, man. There's no relation. And I r-- I really -- I really need you to focus, Miller. Just...
Dean: Nah.
Vic: Come on! It's a party. Free booze. Finger foods. Pretty doctor.
Dean: I see what you're doing here. I may be hot and -- ooh -- my muscles, they're large, and I kind of look like a cartoon character.
Vic: ­Yeah.
Dean: But I'm not entirely an idiot. And I'm not gonna be your buffer. So keep your weird family date dinner thing to [ snaps fingers ] yourself.
Vic: ­Miller. Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller --
Dean: Hard nah.
Vic: It's a date. You like dates. It's a party. You like parties. I'll be there. You like me. And I'll make jokes. You like jokes.
Dean: They're all surgeons. You're a firefighter. They're all Gucci. You're a sturdy gym bag. You think they're gonna look down on you, and you're not wrong.
Vic: I wasn't -- I wasn't thinking that, actually. But now I am, so thanks for that. Dude, you smell like sex!
Vic: Hey. Oh -- Oh!
Jackson: Yeah.
Vic: My dress.
Jackson: Left it at my apartment. I thought you were trying to stand me up.
Vic: Oh, no. What? No. No. We're gonna have so much fun.
Jackson: You okay?
Vic: Y-- Um...
Jackson: Something's wrong.
Vic: Okay, I didn't make the -- I didn't make a great first impression on your mother.
Jackson: Oh. [ chuckles ] It's fine. Everybody who meets her thinks that. You're fine.
Vic: Yeah, but she's Gucci, and so are you. I'm a sturdy gym bag.
Jackson: Don't say that.
Vic: My parents own a restaurant, which has never been successful enough for them to even hire anyone else to help them run it. So when I want to see them, I go there. Even when I was a kid, when I wanted to see them, I went there. I went to college on scholarships -- Singing scholarships, not smart-kid scholarships. So not only do I not come from money, I don't understand what it is to come from money. I'm literally not sure I'll know which fork to use. Uh, you and Maggie broke up recently enough that she still scares me, vaguely threatens me, and I'm also coming from a funeral this week. That's bringing up... like, Ripley stuff for me. And this dinner party feels like just enough added stress to make me question basically everything, so that's where I'm... at.
Jackson: Okay.
Vic: Yeah.
Jackson: Okay.
Vic: Okay.
Jackson: I don't own a single thing sold by Gucci.
Vic: [ chuckles ] Right.
Jackson: Not one. And I have several sturdy gym bags. That's one. Two... no one ever gets over anyone that dies. We just don't... get over them. We just... go on. Right?
Vic: Yep.
Jackson: Three... Maggie's a good person, and she is going through way more right now than our break-up. Four... a woman who runs into burning buildings for a living is infinitely more interesting on every level than someone who knows what fork to choose. I like you. I want my mom to like you. I want her to know you. And I'm curious as hell to eat at your parents' restaurant. What kind of food do they make?
Vic: It's Polish. I know. It's unexpected.
Jackson: I'm gonna see you tomorrow night. Okay?
Vic: ­Yeah. Yep.
Jackson: Good.
Vic: Okay. [ sighs ] Jackson.
Jackson: What's that?
Vic: Nothing. I just like saying your name.
Jackson: Okay.
Vic: Yeah
Dean: Hey, Hughie.
Vic: What?
Dean: I'm in. I will go on the worst triple date on Earth.
Vic: You will?
Dean: In exchange for seven nights of laundry duty.
Vic: What? No way. Two.
Dean: Five.
Vic: Three.
Dean: Four, and I'll tell that story about that time you stopped a snake from eating a baby.
Vic: I am pretty awesome in that story.
Dean: You are.
Vic: Deal. Wear something fancy.
Dean: You're not my mom.

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Music in this episode

Make This Home - NOIR
Flashback to Andy and Ryan on the hood of a car.

Beside You 'Til The End - Josh Johnson
Andy watches her father wheel Ryan out; Andy gets ready for the funeral; the graveside service.

Come Alive - IN Color
The team works on the victims; Andy has flashbacks to Ryan.

Silver Lining - Jeffrey Amor
Sullivan talks to Bishop; flashback to Ryan and Pruitt talking by the pool.