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3.08 Born To Run

Episode Title: Born To Run
Directed by: David Greenspan
Written by: Jill Weinberger
Air Date: March 12, 2020 (USA)
Rating/Share (18-49): 1.1/6
Viewers: 6.64 million
Total: 1.5/8.71 million

"Born To Run" – The Station 19 crew responds to a drunk driver scene. Meanwhile, Dean receives advice from Pruitt on a difficult situation, and Sullivan seeks help from Dr. Amelia Shepherd, on a new episode of "Station 19," airing THURSDAY, MARCH 12 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.

“Station 19” stars Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera, Jason George as Ben Warren, Boris Kodjoe as Captain Robert Sullivan, Grey Damon as Jack Gibson, Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes, Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery, Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller, Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop and Miguel Sandoval as Captain Pruitt Herrera.

Guest starring in "Born To Run" are Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey, Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery, Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd, Stefania Spampinato as Dr. Carina Deluca, Pat Healy as Chief Dixon and Lachlan Buchanan as Emmett Dixon.

"Born To Run" was written by Jill Weinberger and directed by David Greenspan.


Vic in this episode

Maya orders Vic to desk duty while everyone else is called to an accident. While taking calls, Jackson arrives at the station with several of Vic's bags that his maid found in the back of his closet and he asks Vic to explain. She tells him that she lost her apartment and has been living with him and thought that he wouldn't notice. He is displeased and she asks him if they can talk later which he agrees to and leaves. After her shift is over, Vic picks up some food from Joe's and goes over to Dean who tells her that JJ has left him and he is alone with the baby. Vic tells him about her situation and offers to help him with the baby if she can move in. Dean isn't sold at first but Vic has some good arguments and he agrees to let her move in with them.

Quotes from this episode

Maya: Hughes. You're on desk duty the rest of the shift.
Vic: I'm what, now?
Maya: The rocket incident hit the news. We have citizens calling in every loose hubcap they find, thinking they have evidence of an alien invasion. I need someone smart with people skills to talk them down.
Vic: Well, if you're gonna be all complimentary about it... fine. I'll do it.
Vic: Good morning. Station 19. How can I help you today? Well, you'll be happy to hear that yesterday's crash was an isolated incident. No, ma'am. No, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am. [ chuckles ] I assure you there was no cover-up of any kind. Oh, yeah, I watched that Area 51 special, too. Yeah, there are plenty of people with red hair, though. It's not a sign of anything. No, thank you for calling. Mm-hmm. Sure. Bye. Hey!
Jackson: Hey.
Vic: Hey.
Jackson: Marina found a bunch of these in my back closet. So I just kind of thought I'd come by and find out why there's multiple bags of yours in my... in my back closet.
Vic: 'Cause it's super roomy. [ chuckles ] Uh, right. Um, well, it's possible that I may be somewhat... living at your place.
Jackson: At my place?
Vic: Yeah, just in like a... habitat way. Not in a relationship way.
Jackson: What does that even mean?
Vic: Well, a relationship way is like, "Where is this going?" And a habitat way is, you know, "I lost my lease, and I sleep at the station three nights a week anyway, so what is the difference, really, between that and sexy sleepovers, which I know you like?"
Jackson: Okay, you... you do realize, though, you can't move into my apartment and not tell me, right?
Vic: No? Okay, I'm s... I'm sorry. I know... I know this looks bad, and I'm sorry, and I should've said something, but it's only a few nights a week, and, you know, I did not... I didn't think you'd find out.
Jackson: How are you making it worse? I, um... I really like you.
Vic: I really like you.
Jackson: This is just a lot. It's kind of too much.
Vic: Um... Oh, you know what? Um... Hold, please. People think that there's an alien invasion, so I actually have to get that.
Jackson: Okay, sure. Yeah.
Vic: Okay, uh, can we talk later, though?
Jackson: I guess... I guess we can talk later, yeah. I'll be at the hospital.
Vic: Can't wait. [ chuckles ]
Travis: Is it weird that we're drinking to get over a bunch of people getting killed by a drunk driver?
Vic: Are you driving?
Travis: No.
Vic: It's not weird. You know what is weird? People who think redheads are aliens.
Travis: That is weird.
Vic: Yeah.
Travis: Wow!
Vic: It's for Dean and JJ. Fried food's my love language.
Vic: See ya.
Vic: As you may or may not know, I recently got evicted.
Dean: Oh. I did not know that.
Vic: Yeah, it was a thing. And now I'm... homeless-ish. And I was sort of crashing at Jackson's, but now that's over. We're over. Jackson and me. We... Mm. Pretty sure we're about to be because he said, "Let's talk later," which, in my experience, is never code for a sexy time. But, uh, point being, I can help you.
Dean: I feel like I missed a transition somewhere.
Vic: I move in here and help you with the baby, and then I have a place to live and you have help, and everybody's problems are solved.
Dean: Oh! Just shut up, please. No, because you work the same shifts I do, so when I'll be gone, you'll also be gone. So not gonna work.
Vic: No, dude, that's what nannies are for, okay? And you're super rich so... Okay, and when we're home at the same time, we do crying shifts.
Dean: Crying shifts?
Vic: Yeah, crying shifts.
Dean: Crying shifts?
Vic: Crying shifts.
Dean: You can keep saying it. I still won't know what you mean.
Vic: Okay, so, like, I take 8:00 to midnight. You take midnight to 4:00 a.m. TBD cries, you look at the clock. If it's your shift, you get up. If you don't, you go back to sleep.
Dean: Pru.
Vic: What?
Dean: She has a name. It's Pru. Pruitt Arike Miller. And, uh... me and Pru can use the help, so...
Vic: Yeah?
Dean: Yeah.
Vic: You sure?
Dean: No. Yeah!
Vic: [ squeals softly ] [ whispering ] Okay, okay.
Dean: Quiet dancing. Quiet dancing.

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Music in this episode

Feeling Good - Victory
At the start of the episode when the crew is at the hospital.

Bloom - Arch Leaves
Miller talks with Herrera's father about the futur of his little girl.

I'm Enough - Chance Peña
At the bar after the call with the crew of bikers.

Change is Gonna Come - Katie Pruitt
At the end.