Thursday, June 30, 2022

Vic’s relationships

Vic and Travis

Vic and Travis start off on the wrong foot since she hates being treated like a child just because she is the new girl but eventually bond over Vic helping him walk into a hospital which he wasn't able to do after his husband's death. Travis is the one to train her and they keep on training together throughout the year and half they are at Station 19. They are close and there for each other for the important stuff but also small things. Travis helps her when she admits to having a fear of fire instead of ratting her out. Their friendship takes a hit when he almost dies during the fire at the skyscraper. She is mad at him for just giving up on life and her. They end up fighting over it and are being advised by Captain Sullivan to visit a support group to work things out. They attend the support group together and eventually make up and are best friends again.
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Vic and Ripley

Their first moment together is Vic yelling at him during peer review. He ends up throwing her out of the room. She yells at him again while at the skyscraper, accusing him of not caring for his firefighters. He threatens to fire her if she does it again. The turning point comes weeks later when she sees him at a support group and realizes as she listens to him that she was wrong in her assessment of him not caring. She apologizes which he appreciates a lot. They share a moment of understanding and there is a spark. Things develop when he visits 19 and they share a moment alone in the kitchen where they flirt awkwardly and eventually end up in bed together. Vic runs away the next morning unsure of what to do next. They try being professional while working but end up having sex at the station. And while he is her boss, Vic is totally in charge in regards to this relationship.
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Vic and Ben

Vic's relationship with Ben starts similar to her and Travis. This time it's Vic training the rookie and she doesn't like it one bit. Doesn't like playing babysitter to Ben who keeps on talking about his old job and annoying her. They have a bonding moment when they both experience "blue fire". Vic pretends to be okay after that but Ben sees right through her and realizes that the incident has taken a toll on her and that she is scared of fire. He offers his help but she refuses, saying that she is fine. At the end she gives in and tells her team about it and is grateful to Ben for having her back. Things come to blows when Ben leaves Travis behind who almost dies. Vic gets in Ben's face about it and screams at him. She eventually realizes that it was a difficult decision to make for him and they are okay again.
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Vic, Andy and Maya

Vic is close with Andy and Maya and they are there for each other, support each other and stick together and even though both Andy and Maya are Vic's superiors now, Vic still doesn't have a problem telling them when they are doing things wrong. Vic was there to support Andy when she was trying out for Captain and Maya was there for Vic when she was afraid of fire and Vic also saved Maya's life at the skyscraper.
They also love to hang out outside of work. They often go out to have fun, drink and maybe pick up some guys or girls.
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Vic, Dean and Jack

Vic is like the annoying little sister to Dean and Jack but they all love each other. She loves to tease them and be in their business but when it comes down to it they are all there for each other. Dean had Vic's back when she was afraid of fire and she had his back when he screwed up after a long night out.
She also goes to them for advise, like after her adult sleepover with Ripley, when she asks Jack what to do. Jack is also the only person that knows about them and is keeping it a secret from everyone else.
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