Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Victoria Hughes

Full Name: Victoria Hughes
Nickname: Vic
Date Of Birth: unknown
Occupation: Firefighter
Relatives: unknown
Race: African-American
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Relationships: Lucas Ripley (fiance, deceased)
Victoria Hughes is a firefighter with the Seattle Fire Department. She has been with Station 19 since 2017. As the youngest member, she feels like she constantly needs to prove herself. She is loyal to her team and considers them her family. She is a very passionate and direct person and can be brutally honest. She has no fear to criticize her teammates and even the Fire Chief himself, when she feels like they are not doing the job right.

She is also very smart. She can be nosy and sometimes knows no boundaries and likes to be in her teammates business. She can be moody and sometimes has a problem to keep her anger at bay which can result in her yelling at people no matter their rank.

She is funny, sarcastic and fun-loving. She likes to hang out with the girls and Travis outside of work, drinking, having fun and wing-womaning. She is a good friend to her teammates and would literally go through fire for them.

She was happily dating Lucas Ripley, the Fire Chief of the Seattle Fire Department, and was briefly engaged to him until his untimely death.

Vic in Season 1

Fear of Fire
Vic and Ben, the newest rookie who she has been training and been responsible for, have a close call when they experience "blue fire". It's the closest for Vic which she confesses to Ben. While Ben appears to be fine after the event, Vic develops a fear of fire. She denies it and continues to do her job as best as she can but she flinches whenever she sees fire and it takes everything in her to not run away from it instead of fighting it. Ben notices the change in her and tries to help but she denies that she has a problem, citing that this is how firefighters lose their jobs and refuses any help from him and continues as is. She finds ways to avoid being near fire and is happy to serve in the aid car until a rescue makes her realize that she needs to be honest with her family at 19.
She finally confesses to Travis, Dean, Ben and Maya that she is afraid of fire and has been for a while and that she has tried to deal with it herself but she can't just keep this to herself anymore. Her team decides to keep it between them and not tell Andy and Jack because they would have to report her. Instead, they decide to help her with drills, exercises, meditation and in other way like keep her away from fire until she is ready to go back in.

Weeks later, while talking to Maya, she tells her that she doesn't see much improvement and thinks that she might have to say goodbye to her job and friends soon but when a fire jumps floors at the skyscraper they are in and she saves Maya's life without hesitating, she is back to her old self and no longer afraid of fire.

Vic in Season 2

The Aftermath of the Skyscraper
Vic finds Travis in the stairwell of the skyscraper on her way down. He is wounded and bleeding out, so she drags him downstairs with the help of Dean, saving his life. When Chief Ripley wants to know about the rest of her team, she gets into his face about him evacuating the building and leaving them all in there to die which results in him threatening to fire her the next time she comes at him like that. Later, she yells at Ben at the hospital for just leaving Travis, who means so much to her, behind and saving Molly instead . Ben tells her that it was Travis' decision but she doesn't want to hear it and remains mad at him. But when Molly dies, she feels awful and she goes after Ben to make amends.
When Travis comes back to Station 19, Vic is keeping her distance which he notices. When he tries to talk to her about it, she denies that anything is wrong and goes back to work. Travis though knows that she is lying. When he tries to help her after shift, she tells him she can do it alone and they end up fighting. She tells him that she is mad at him for giving up on life and telling Ben to just leave him there. Their new captain, Robert Sullivan, hears the fight and puts an end to it, suggesting they go to a support group together to deal with their issues. Vic tries to make amends during next shift but Travis blows her off. Vic decides to listen to Sullivan's advise and goes to the support group. She finds Travis there as well and as they listen to the Chief they realize just how important they are to each other and rekindle their friendship.
Secret (Forbidden) Relationship
Vic and Ripley start off on the wrong foot when she yells at him twice but after watching him open up at a support group, she apologizes to him and they have a moment that leads to a lot of flirting when he visits her station for a PD training session. While cleaning up at the end of the shift, she invites him for a drink that results in him coming home with her and them sleeping together. They keep seeing each other and are still going strong after 4 months of dating. Their casual dating turns into more when he tells his sister about Vic and she tells her best friend Travis which leads to their first fight but they manage to make up afterwards and confess their love for one another. Ripley realizes that they can't go on staying a secret and suggests going public which makes Vic very happy.
They go through their options and he mentions marriage to circumvent disciplinary actions but the idea is too crazy at first until he runs into a burning building and Vic realizes just how much she loves him and proposes to him for real but doesn't let him answer. They make plans to meet up the next morning but things take a tragic turn when Ripley breaks down and is rushed to the hospital. When he doesn't show up, she assumes that he doesn't want her and goes back to work. Ripley leaves the hospital to find her but his condition worsens and he has to check himself into another hospital where he waits for Vic. When she finally gets there, she finds out that there is nothing that can be done for Ripley. She shares one last moment with him where he accepts her proposal before dying in her arms. Vic has a hard time dealing with his death but ultimately has to find a way to go on without the love of her life.

Trivia & Fun Facts

She is nosy and goes through her colleagues phones. (1.01)
She uses the "I'm a Little Teapot" song to calm down and distract her mind. (1.02)
She has delivered many babies on her job. (1.02)
She grinds her teeth. (1.02)
She has a picture of her and Andy in her locker. (1.02)
She likes vodka. (1.03)
She is not a morning person. (1.07)
She hates running. (1.07)
She loves maple glaze. (1.08)
She loves to journal. (1.08)
She loves to watch American Bake-Off. (1.08)
Captain Pruitt Herrera calls her Victoria while everyone else calls her Vic. (1.09)
She cracked Warren email password. (1.10)
She has a picture of her and Maya on her nightstand. (2.03)
She still has Maya's apartment keys after house sitting once. (2.03)
She loves to be a wing-woman. (2.04)
She owns a kajak. (2.04)
She is really bad when it comes to keeping secrets. (2.05)
She has a picture of her and Travis in her bedroom. (2.06)