This was probably my favorite episode this season up until the end because damn that was heartbreaking. I just really enjoy Vic’s arc in this season and how she is growing and how her relationship with Ripley has changed and has changed her in a way that she is more mature but at the same time is still the Vic we know and love. Her proposal was probably the best thing I have seen on TV because it’s nice that the woman is taking charge instead of letting things be decided for her. Barrett really killed it in this episode but then again she always does. I’m very excited but also a little nervous about the crossover. I hope things works out for her and Ripley. I would hate to see him die and leave her heartbroken.

Anyway, the photo archive has been updated with 732 HD screencaptures, the video archive has been updated with HD clips from the episode and I also added an episode page with all the information such as music, quotes and more.


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