The title of the episode might have been Always Ready but I was not ready for this. I really didn’t expect them to kill off Lucas Ripley and end the Vic/Ripley relationship. That was the most heartbreaking episode of Station 19 and one of the most heartbreaking ones on TV in general.

Barrett killed it in every single scene. It was beautiful to watch her and that final scene with her and Brett was just so well done and you could see the love between these two characters and then the show ended it with giving us a final beautiful moment with them saying “I love you” for the first time. Plus, the flashbacks of their relationship to fill in the blanks were amazing. I loved the friendship moments between Andy and Vic since we usually don’t see these two much and of course Travis being there for Vic was beautiful. He knows what she is going through and will be her rock. I’m still sad that she had to lose the love of her life before they could really have a real beginning. They just started and it’s already over. That’s just heartbreaking to me and so many other viewers.

Anyway, the photo archive has been updated with 1418 HD screencaptures and 25 additional HQ stills, the video archive has been updated with HD clips from the episode and I also added an episode page with all the information such as music, quotes and more.


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