I have no words for how devastated I still am about the writers choice to kill Lucas Ripley and therefor end the relationship between Vic and him which to me was one of the highlights of this season and made me really get into the show. Going forward without that in S3 will be hard to stomach. I hope they can find a compelling storyline for Vic for next season and also show us the grieving process and her healing. I don’t want this relationship to be swept under the rug like it didn’t mean anything like it didn’t shape Vic because it did. Since the writers chose this storyline for her they better make it good and let her deal with it on screen and not ignore it. That would really upset me as a Vic fan.
That said, Barrett once again delivered a brilliant performance. Vic was in denial and then angry and I’m glad that she told Pruitt off and then Travis. I know they were all trying to help her but it was good that she got this out because they honestly don’t know how she feels. Her relationship with Ripley was different than the one Travis had with Michael. The scene with Levi was great because it made Vic realize what she meant to Ripley and made her go to his funeral and then at the end with Cam when she had to accept reality that he was gone that really just broke my heart for her. I hate that Vic has to go through this. Out of all the characters, she really deserved to be happy with the love of her life.

Anyway, the photo archive has been updated with 807 HD screencaptures, the video archive has been updated with HD clips from the episode and I also added an episode page with all the information such as music, quotes and more.


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