I really wish Vic had gotten more time with the therapist and also alone time with her. It wasn’t fair that she had to share her session with Dean. I think she needs it the most and I hope we see Dr. Lewis again and Vic gets to talk to her. Vic’s words may say that she has moved on but her voice and her eyes gave her away. She is not okay and she has not really moved on. I really hope there is more to this. Barrett as always killed it in her scene. I just need more for her. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the Dean reveal but I knew that the writers were going there when Vic started spending all her time with Dean instead of Travis. However, I did find it cute when Vic was playing with little Pru. That was adorable.

Anyway, the photo archive has been updated with 260 HD screencaptures, the video archive has been updated with HD clips from the episode and I also added an episode page with all the information such as music, quotes and more.


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