I liked that Vic tore into Dean for throwing her out especially since he was so mean to her because he can’t deal with his own feelings and that ain’t Vic’s fault. Vic had every right to be pissed. I’m just a little bit confused about her attachment to Pru. I wanna know why that is. I just need more on Vic. I don’t think we are getting enough about her emotional state. It seems as if Vic and Dean’s friendship is back on track but I do wish that he had properly apologized to her. I loved Vic’s scene with Jack. They are underrated and as always I love her talks with Travis. They better give me more of them next episode. I was missing them.

Anyway, the photo archive has been updated with 226 HD screencaptures, the video archive has been updated with HD clips from the episode and I also added an episode page with all the information such as music, quotes and more.


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