You may not know her by name, but “30 Rock“ fans will recognize Barrett Doss.

Doss, 23, appeared in the “30 Rock” series finale as Eliza Lemon, Liz Lemon’s (Tina Fey) great-granddaughter. Her scene appeared after the credits. In it, Doss’ character sits in ageless Kenneth Parcell’s (Jack McBrayer) office, pitching a show about the stories her great-grandmother used to tell her. Earlier in the episode, Liz pitched a show about her life to Kenneth, but he quickly shot it down.

“‘30 Rock’ was — and still is — one of my favorite shows,” Doss told The Huffington Post via phone. “It was super, super exciting even to just get called in for it because I had never auditioned for them before. That was a really huge surprise. I was just happy to have my first and last chance to do it. It was really awesome.”

Once she landed the role, Doss said she couldn’t tell anybody about her pivotal moment in “30 Rock” finale.

“Of course everyone wanted to know, but I had to keep my lips sealed,” Doss said. “So that was a challenge, but it was worth it in the end because it was a wonderful surprise for everyone.”

The scene just features McBrayer and Doss — with some flying cars added via special effects — but Doss said she got to meet her fictional great-grandma.

“[Tina Fey] seemed very much involved in the process and she came running onto the set and told me to push up my glasses like she does. That was really excellent,” Doss said with a laugh.

As a “30 Rock” fan, Doss said she thought the series finale was an excellent episode.

“I thought it was so solid and the ending — it’s so great to feel some optimism for Liz after so long,” she said. “Going along with her and witnessing her relationship failures and her struggles with everything, and just to see she got what everyone wanted her to have in the end, which is a family and someone who’s going to get that story that she wanted to tell, told. That was nice, bringing everything full circle.”

Doss, a graduate of New York University, has appeared on the New York stage in Thomas Bradshaw’s “Burning” and will next be seen in Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing” in Washington, DC in May. And if she could, she would reprise the role of Eliza Lemon in a heartbeat.

“Oh my gosh,” Doss said. “If Tina Fey asked me to, I don’t know, talk to her, I would. If she wanted to burp in my face, I would take it. I love her.”


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